Innovative product portfolio

Haldex develops, produce and sells brake products and air suspension systems for heavy vehicles.

The Foundation Brake product line includes brake products for wheel ends such as disc brakes, brake adjusters and actuators. Air Controls comprises products that improve the safety and driving dynamics of the brake system, such as compressed air dryers, valves, ABS and EBS. The products are usually available in a range of versions for different geographic markets.

A selection of our products in each product family:


undefined Brake adjusters are the central part of a drum brake and automatically control the distance between the brake lining and the brake drum.


undefined Disc brakes offer better stopping performance than drum brakes. Unlike the brake adjusters, which are only a component of drum brakes, Haldex manufactures complete disc brakes for both trucks and trailers


undefined Actuators and brake chambers are available for both drum brakes and disc brakes. Haldex offers several versions, both with and without parking brakes.



undefined EBS controls the brake system electronically. Unlike ABS, EBS ensures that the brake power is always optimal for all brakes on the vehicle.


undefined Concep separates dirt, water and oil before air is passed on to the air dryer, reducing the need for maintenance and spare parts.


undefined Parking brake control for trailers prevents the trailer from moving and causing accidents when parked.


undefined Raising and lowering of vehicles with the help of the supsension system. A handle allows the driver to raise or lower the vehicle to the correct height at the loading bay.


undefined Air dryers are vital components in the brake system, where they clean and dry the air before its distributed to the air sub system.


undefined Lift axle control ensures that the lift axle of a trailer is automatically raised and lowered to adapt to the load situation.


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