The Annual General Meeting elects an auditing firm for a period of one year at a time.

The auditors review the Annual Report and the accounts as well as the administration of the Board of Directors and the President, and follow an audit schedule set in consultation with the Audit Committee. In connection with the audit, the auditors shall report their observations to Group Management, the Executive Committee, for reconciliation and then to the Audit Committee. The report to the Audit Committee takes place after the conclusion of the audit of the administration and the review of the hard-close accounts and in conjunction with the adoption of the Annual Report.

The Board of Directors as a whole meets with the auditors once a year, during the February Board meeting, where the auditors report their observations directly to the Board of Directors without the presence of the President and the CFO. Finally, at least one of the auditors attends the Annual General Meeting and briefly describe their auditing work and summarizes for the shareholders the recommendations in the Auditor's Report.

Auditors elected until the 2018 Annual General Meeting

The AGM elected Öhrlings PricewaterhouseCoopers AB as the company’s auditor for the period until the end of the annual general meeting 2018. The auditor-in-charge is Bror Frid.

undefinedBror Frid is an Authorized Public Accountant and is the elected auditor of such companies as Chalmers, Jula and Elos. Bror Frid has no assignments in other companies that are associated with Haldex's largest owners or President.

The auditors have had extra assignments outside the scope of the ordinary audit. These assignments included consultations in tax and accounting issues and other company issues. These assignments have been procured in accordance with the guidelines established by the Audit Committee for such procurement.