Board committees

The Board has established two internal committees – the Audit Committee and the Technical Committee. The work of the committees cannot be delegated by the Board, but is viewed as preparatory work upon which the Board, in its entirety, subsequently resolves on.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee prepares matters that concern accounting, financial reporting, auditing and internal control. The Committee reviews the principles for accounting and financial control and establishes guidelines for purchasing services other than auditing from the company’s auditors.

Since 2018 (after AGM), the Audit Committee consists of Johan Gileus,  Jörgen Durban and Ulf Ahlén. Johan Gileus is the Chairman of the Committee

Technical Committee

The board of directors has established a technical committee with focus on the long term technical development of the company.

Since 2018 (after AGM), the Compensation Committee consists of Helene Svahn, Ulrica Hagdahl and Per Holmqvist. Helene Svahn is the Chairman of the Committee.