November 4, 2019

Master thesis: Mapping and usage of returnable packaging material - Sourcing & Logistics

Country: Sweden

Haldex Brake Products AB has approximately 50 different product variants, and we handle over 400 different components.



The coming years the volumes for the disc brakes are increasing and material flows are becoming more complex due to subcontracting of some parts.


Haldex is looking for one or two students to perform a mapping of the usage and costs of packaging material and how to improve that flow. Also, to create and suggest a solution for it in the future where Haldex can keep track of where the stock is.


  • Master Thesis report and Executive Summary in English, verbal presentation at Haldex.

Additional information

Contact persons

Anders Pålsson

0418-47 60 10


Enes Hasic

0418-47 60 35