November 15, 2018

Master thesis: Converting data to pad life predict - R&D

Country: Sweden

During development of disc brakes, testing is performed both in rigs and on field test vehicles together with external parties. These tests generate large amounts of data in form of measurements, reports and pictures.


The data could be used to generate useful information for dimensioning of pads and predictive maintenance. These calculation methods do not currently exist on the market.

Primary Objective

Create a tool or model for pad dimensioning and prediction of pad life for different use cases. 


  • Master Thesis report and Executive Summary in English, verbal presentation at Haldex.

  • Tool or model.

Appropriate profiles are students in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mathematics. Good communication and English language skills. The Master Thesis is performed at Haldex in Landskrona and is suitable for 2 persons.



Contact person

Fredrik Nilsson

0418-47 60 00