November 15, 2018

Master thesis: Multibody Simulation of Mechanical Adjuster for Air Disc Brakes - R&D

Country: Sweden

Disc brakes for heavy vehicles are pneumatically operated and purely mechanical in its functions. The disc brakes have a mechanical force amplifier and a mechanical adjuster for compensation of pad wear.


The adjuster can reduce the pad clearance if the pads are worn or increase the pad clearance to avoid drag, which can occur when pad swelling or pad memory effect happens.

Primary Objective

Create a multibody model of the adjuster that can replicate physical tests in simulations using HyperWorks MotionView.

Secondary Objective

Study effect of wear and tolerance deviations on the function of the adjuster.


  • Master Thesis report and Executive Summary in English, verbal presentation at Haldex.

  • Multibody model of the mechanical adjuster.

Appropriate profiles are students in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mathematics. Good communication and English language skills. The Master Thesis is performed at Haldex in Landskrona and is suitable for 2 persons. No previous experience in MotionView required.

Contact person

Martin Wollstad

0418-47 63 13