November 15, 2018

Master thesis: Quality Control of Supplied Components for Air Disc Brakes - R&D

Country: Sweden

Supplied components for Air Disc Brakes are before start of delivery qualified according to Advanced Product Quality Planning and when supplying for serial production quality is controlled by incoming inspection.


Over the years standard in industry has turned from inspection to control which for incoming inspection at Haldex resulted in going from 100% check of incoming material to a risk-based approach. The process set-up shall eliminate/reduce risk for finding non-conforming components at Haldex, neither when checking at incoming inspection nor in production.

Primary Objective

Create a model for control of supplied components in serial production giving the correct quality on time at the right cost, by using methods available in industry; FMEA, Control plan and control instructions. Criticality from design, supplier and Haldex process shall be included and follow-up of process for continuous improvements.


  • Master Thesis report and Executive Summary in English, verbal presentation at Haldex.

  • Model for control of supplied components implemented in real life

Appropriate profiles are students in Mechanical or Quality Engineering. Good communication and English language skills. The Master Thesis is performed at Haldex in Landskrona and is suitable for 1 person. No previous experience in FMEA/Control plan required. 

Contact person

Anders Bengtsson

0418-47 62 76