November 15, 2018

Master thesis: Suspension management for electrified trucks - R&D

Country: Sweden

Haldex has presented its Open and Scalable Brake System which is a development of a platform for complete brake system for truck and trailers with new technology and architectures to support both autonomous and electrified trucks. These are trends that have very high focus in the transportation industry.



Electrification and automation of trucks will drive new requirements of brake systems. One technology supporting these trends is electro mechanical brakes. This is an area where Haldex has a very strong development status and is planning to introduce systems to the market. This could replace current pneumatic brake systems which would eliminate the need for compressors, air treatment and air tanks and therefore reduce cost and significantly improve performance as well as quality. In trucks and busses where the chassis can be raised and lowered through pneumatic concepts new solutions are needed to be able to eliminate the pneumatic system. Another driver for the pneumatic system is that trucks need to be compatible with trailer fleets that still has pneumatic brakes and suspension.



Haldex is looking for one or two students to investigate and propose technical concepts to replace or optimize the pneumatic system in complete truck and trailer combination.


  • Analyse the requirements on suspension control and trailer combability

  • Define solutions to replace or optimize the pneumatic system

  • Evaluate concepts

  • Detailed optimization of winning concept


  • Master Thesis report and Executive Summary in English, verbal presentation at Haldex


Contact person

Joakim Gripemark

0418-47 61 44